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Racer X Canada Tested:
RG3 20mm Offset Triple Clamps

Initial Review Date 11.08.07
Posted on 01.10.07


Rob McCullough's 2007 RXC Tested project bike with RG3's 20mm offset clamps installed.


The Weapon:
’07 Honda CRF 450R

The Product:
20mm offset RG3 Triple Clamps

Phone: (714) 630-0786

Pricing ranges from US$209 for upper clamps to US$599 for upper and lower set with stem, bearing and seal installed.

Test Rider:
Rob McCullough

North Carolina Motorsports Park
Chary Produce Farm
Chesterman’s Indoor MX Track

Approximately 10 hours.

I have used RG3 triple clamps on every bike I have ridden since ’03.

Triple Clamps: 30 minutes with no special tools required.

Fit & Finish:
Expect perfection. Each and every RG3 product I have installed has fit as well as—if not better than—the OEM part it replaces. For test purposes, our triple clamps arrived with stem, bearing and seal already pre-assembled by RG3.

Track Tested:
(Please Note: For the ’07 CRF450, RG3 recommends a 20mm offset for optimum performance.  Please click on the following link or call RG3 at (714) 630-0786 for more information on your specific application. http://www.rg3suspension.com/products.php)

Having ridden/raced a Suzuki RM-Z450—which is arguably the best turning 450 on the planet—during the past two seasons, I immediately noticed the front end push/understeer associated with the stock ‘07 CRF450, which, although not as significant as earlier models, exists nonetheless.  Comparisons aside, the difference between the stock 24mm offset and our RG3 20mm offset clamps was evident as soon as I steered through the pits.

During my first test, I had ridden most of the morning with the stock clamps installed and, as soon as I hit the track with the RG3 clamps, I was impressed with how little effort it now took to get to the inside line (and hold the line) through corners. Improvement in a rider’s steering and feel when entering/exiting corners is another positive trait associated with the offset and patented four post design.

One concern that I commonly hear associated with offset triple clamps is the dreaded headshake and reduced stability at speed. In my opinion, for motocross, this is a non-issue with the RG3 clamps. I have tried the clamps in a wide variety of tracks/terrains and have found that the clamps improve cornering and handling traits without compromising stability.
I have been spending a fair amount of time riding in the tighter confines of Chesterman’s indoor track (http://chesterman.ca) and I am amazed at how nimble the bike equipped with the offset feels compared to the stock version. (As odd as it may sound, the bike even has a lighter feeling.)

Rob tested the clamps on a wide variety of tracks including sand, loam, hardpack and even a tight arenacross track.


For those of you who want only the upper clamp, advantages are primarily a reduction in vibration thereby lessening arm pump/fatigue and the patented four post design essentially eliminates bar twisting that is associated with the dual post designs offered by the majority of manufacturer’s. 

With the vast improvements in cornering and handling, the 20mm offset RG3 triple clamp is a must-have for hard-core CRF450 owners. Finally, installing an RG3 upper clamp on your bike is a no brainer as the advantages associated with performance outweigh the cost—especially when you consider how interchangeable the clamps are between model years and their demand and resale value. 


Special Thanks:
To Boris Levitsky of http://www.rg3suspension.com for his continued support throughout this review.